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Contract training


Contract training enables companies to offer their professional driver trainees comprehensive and high-quality training. Who wants a trainee driver who only has a C/CE license in the third year of training? Avoid the boredom that sets in when the trainee sits next to the driver for almost 2 years.
We always start in August to train extensive knowledge so that the trainee is already at the start with a driver's license and the knowledge of 2 years of training after the first year of training!

Professional driver training (modules)


These modules are designed not only to help professional drivers meet their statutory training requirements, but also to enhance their skills and knowledge with regard to safe, environmentally conscious and efficient transportation. Regular participation in these training courses keeps drivers up to date with the latest technology and regulations, which contributes to road safety and customer satisfaction.
Only the professional drives with care!

Occupational safety


Occupational safety is of crucial importance for several reasons:
- Protecting the health and lives of workers
- Legal requirements
- Avoidance of costs
- Productivity and efficiency
- Risk assessment and annual safety training
- Reputation and corporate image
- Moral responsibility
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