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Trucking is in our blood. With decades of experience in almost every combination that can be driven. We can do that - and we want to pass it on!

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1980 Technology - Mechanic (Chamber of Crafts)

Acquisition of technical knowledge in the motor vehicle and commercial vehicle sector


1984 Professional driver

Areas: heavy and oversized transports, silo transports, tank transports, bulk goods transports, combined transports
(RoLa transports) Tarpaulin and bouncing bodies with articulated trucks (turntable as well as tandem combinations) and semi-trailer combinations
articulated truck combinations

1994Forwarding agent (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Acquisition of old (e.g. GFT) and new (e.g. cost and performance accounting) forwarding knowledge
Managerial activities in logistics and workshop

1997 Logistics trainer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Taking on trainees in the logistics sector
Focus on young people with difficult integration

2002 Foundation of neifer services

Providing services in the logistics sector (monitoring social regulations, helping to create a positive image, etc.)

2005Preventive fire protection and company first aiders (fire department and German Red Cross)

Expansion of knowledge in fire protection at the fire department
and operational first aid to safeguard the company

2008 Person responsible for waste management, waste management officer and occupational safety (entrepreneur)

Managerial activities in waste management with entrepreneurial responsibility

2014 Data protection officer and occupational safety specialist (Berufsgenossenschaft Transport, Berufsgenossenschaft Health und Welfare and Berufsgenossenschaft Restaurant und Food)

Transfer of neifer services to reunas workplace safety
Focus on advice on legal security in the company in the area of occupational health and safety

2017 Instructor for load securing and industrial trucks

Training activities to support the reduction of accidents at work

2018Member of the German-Philippine Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Member of the VDSI (Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work)

2020 Member of the examination board BKF - professional driver

Regular and mandatory further training continuously expands professional expertise.


Become part of the team,
become a truck apprentice with our cooperation partners!

Training as a professional driver will teach you all the skills required to drive a truck. Minimum age 17 years, (m/f/d), preferably have an "accompanied driving" license (not a requirement), at least a secondary school leaving certificate


We search

Passion, enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, commitment and thinking for the task.

We expect

what we are looking for. Quite simply. And if you have more to offer, let's talk about it. The tasks will be outlined in a personal interview.

We kindly ask for

Many companies leave everything out and say: You can start. Please introduce yourself in your cover letter and include a CV.

We offer

Help with trainees and performance-related pay.
Let's explore the possibilities together.


Jürgen Neifer

Owner reunas - workplace safety, organizes, teaches and takes care of everything that needs to be solved.

Peter Hutzler

Owner of driving school Peter Hutzler, trains in all driving license classes

Laarnie Estacion

Owner of REUNAS INFORMATION SERVICES, supports the administration and data flow together with other employees in the back office.